2019-2020 Illinois 5Essentials Survey 

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What are the 5Essentials? 

5Essentials is an evidence-based system designed to drive improvement in schools nationwide—it reliably measures changes in a school organization through the 5Essentials Survey and provides individualized, actionable reports for each school. The 5Essentials system is based on more than 20 years of research by the University of Chicago Consortium on Chicago School Research on five components found to be critical for school success:

  • Effective Leaders: The principal works with teachers to implement clear and strategic vision for school success. 
  • Collaborative Teachers: The staff is committed to the school, receives strong professional development, and works together to improve the school. 
  • Involved Families: The entire school staff builds strong relationships with families and communities to support learning. 
  • Supportive Environment: The school is safe and orderly. Teachers have high expectations for students. Students are supported by their teachers and peers. 
  • Ambitious Instruction: Classes are academically demanding and engage students by emphasizing the application of knowledge. 

What is the 5Essnetials Survey? 

The 5Essentials Survey is taken by teachers and students and usually requires no more than 30 minutes to complete. The information collected through the survey is rigorously reviewed and analyzed to generate a 5Essentials Report for each school. The 5Essentials Report includes a breakdown of teacher and student responses and, most importantly, provides a comprehensive picture of the school environment based on the five Essential areas critical for school improvement in a meaningful context of similar and successful schools.

What does the survey ask? 

All survey items are multiple choice questions. There are no open ended responses. 

  • The 5Essentials Student Survey asks questions about students’ experiences, attitudes, and activities in school.
  • The 5Essentials Teacher Survey asks questions about a variety of topics, including instruction, professional development, and the school as a workplace.
  • The parent survey supplement asks questions about the parent’s overall relationship with the school.

How might my school benefit from my participation in the survey? 

This survey provides an opportunity for students and teachers to have a voice in improving their schools. Your school community’s participation can help your school identify areas of strength and those in need of support, with fine-grained questions surfacing specific avenues for improvement. Equipped with this knowledge, school leadership—including teachers, support staff, principals, and district administrators—can be better positioned to target resources and efforts to drive school success.

Where can I find more information about the Illinois 5Essentials Survey? 

Additional information, including survey questions, a calendar of upcoming webinars, news, etc. can be found on the Illinois 5Essentials website