Bright futures students

Bright Futures Students learn how to recognize and manage their feelings through the use of Conscious Discipline and Feeling Buddies. Today, Mrs. Mahnesmith’s class learned about anger. They talked about what anger looks like and feels like in their bodies. Students described situations that have made them feel angry and acted out what it looks and feels like.  They then practiced S.T.A.R. breathing as a class.  STOP. Take a deep breath. And. Relax!   

These lessons empower our little learners when they are feeling big emotions. Students learn that it is okay to experience all of the feelings, but it is important to be able to recognize the feelings and have strategies to help manage them.  

Each classroom has a safe place with picture prompts and feeling buddies to help them work through their emotions. As children manage their Feeling Buddies, they learn and practice helpful language that eventually becomes their inner voice for self-regulation & emotional wellbeing. Early in the school year, staff support students in modeling and coregulation, with the goal that they will eventually be able to work through the steps independently.