Galesburg News

CUSD #205 is suspending all in-person instruction effective immediately.  We are making this change due to the rising number of COVID positive cases in Knox and Warren counties.  While we have been very proud of everyone’s efforts to keep all of our students and staff safe through the in-person instruction that has occurred, we feel that the trajectory of the infection rate gives us pause.  

For those students who have been or were scheduled to begin in-person instruction, we plan to continue to provide enhanced levels of assistance; however, that assistance must now move to an online platform instead of being provided in-person.

We continue to put everyone’s safety as our top priority.  We are halting in-person instruction for that reason.  And at some point we will call all people back to in-person instruction for the same reason, for we know it is in everyone’s best interest to be together once we can do so safely.

If you have specific questions regarding your child(ren), please feel free to contact your building principal.