Choose to Thrive Staff

On Saturday, March 26, 2022, CUSD #205 provided educators the opportunity to "fill their cup" at "Choose to Thrive in #205". 

Educators were invited to strengthen their own personal wellness as well as learn skills around Social and Emotional Learning that they can use in their classrooms.

Participants began their day with Moline-based entertainment provided by “Guys in Ties” followed by a keynote presentation by a nationally known speaker, business owner, and author Heather T. Forbes. Participants were able to listen to Heather share her insight and understanding of how trauma impacts children in her session titled, “The Language of Trauma.”

The day also included various sessions presented by CUSD #205 staff and other experts from our community. Sessions included topics such as, “Finding Your Joy!”, “The Cost of Caring”, “Yoga for Stress Relief”, and “Is it Just Me, or Does it Seem Like Everyone has ADHD These Days?”

A catered lunch and special treats were personally provided by a Silas Willard Elementary School student, cupcake enthusiast, and budding entrepreneur of Sugar Daddy’s Bakery in Galesburg.  Music, concessions, and a Vendors’ Gallery of Galesburg area businesses were also in attendance. 

According to Student Success and Support Director,  Mindi Ritchie, "The past two years have been challenging for many reasons.  We hope educators came away from this event feeling cared for, just as they care for our #205 students.  This was an exciting and fulfilling day for us all.”