Dr. Asplund and Board Member, Hunigan

The CUSD #205 Board of Education has appointed Wendel J. Hunigan to fill the vacant seat on the Board of Education.  

Hunigan has spent the past 40 years committed to public education. He has educated over 9,000 students during his time at Carl Sandburg College, Monmouth College, and currently, Knox College. 

Board President Tianna Cervantez recently shared her thoughts on Hunigan, “I am thrilled that Wendel is joining the Board. His dedication to students and their education journey is exemplified through his long career at Carl Sandburg, Knox and Monmouth College. His commitment to our community continues as he accepts this role. And personally, I am in awe of calling him a colleague because quite frankly, he has been one of the biggest influences upon my life. As one of my instructors at CSC, he reminded me why I loved learning and that encouraged me to continue my own educational journey.”

Hunigan believes that every child, regardless of race or income, should have access to an excellent education. Hunigan's term will end in April 2021.